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[New Job Vacancy] Outside Sales Representative job in Atlas Home Services, (High Point, NC) – Jobs in High Point, NC

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Job Opening details:-
Company Name :-
Atlas Home Services
Position Name :-
Outside Sales Representative
Company Location :-
High Point, NC
Job Category :
 Video Editing jobs

Full Job Description :-
Thank you for taking the first step toward changing your life. Please, take a look at what’s next.
Why are you on a job site? Is it possible your current place of employment doesn’t have the advancement opportunities you seek? Is it possible you are being undervalued? Maybe your work schedule doesn’t leave you enough time in the day for personal growth or to do the things that you most enjoy in life? Maybe, just maybe, you have too much month at the end of your money. We have all been there.
Who are we: We are Atlas Home Services. A veteran owned business.· A solar sales organization looking to create a financially free future for all of our entire team top to bottom.· An industry power house sales organization run by sales people, for sales people.· We are currently looking to expand our ranks with like minded individuals that are looking for personal and professional growth.· We offer a top of the line product, at the industry’s highest payscale, with an extremely competitive product offering.How do we do these things you ask? Atlas is a company that runs on culture. We believe in the value of hardwork and effort. No employee of Atlas Home Services receives a salary. There are no executives, managers, or supervisors. We believe in open upward mobility, with pay available to those who choose to build their own teams.· We ALL support each other· We ALL train each other
We have created an environment for salespeople to come do what they do, at the margin they deserve to make.
This is a safe and supportive environment. EVERYONE makes the same amount of money/pay scale. There are no favorites or hookups. Open advancement and equal pay. This is not a production based company but an effort based team. We all show up together to support each other in a job that some people are not willing to do to live a life they will never be able to live. There is nothing glamorous about the job but, we sell a top of the line product that benefits the homeowner, the environment, and the state. We make multiple 6 figures doing it to provide a quality of life that we and our families deserve and we make the sacrifices required to achieve that freedom. Let us be clear. Anyone can be successful in this position. We can develop the skillset with you. We are looking for a mindset.
Our pay scale (1099):Closers : $500-1000 per kW self generated leads (average $3,250 – $6,500 per deal)$300-600 per kW on appointment setter leads. (average $1950-$3,900 per deal)To clarify. That is $1,950 – $6,500, to show back up to the homeowners house and help them sign up for the money and promotions that they told you they were interested in at the door.
Recruiting Override: $50 per kW on direct recruits (average $300 per job). You can recruit and receive an override immediately and we will help you train them.
For those of you reading the ad that do not understand what the numbers above mean, after 60 days of employment our current average income per employee is over $100,000 per year, working 20-30 hours a week. We would love to show you how.
What do we want: Savages. Plain and simple.· This is a culture based organization.We are seeking people that are looking for a platform to reach their ultimate potential. Once you become part of this environment you will realize the job itself is one of the smallest things we focus on here. We believe that mastering the daily habits and routine that create a successful life are the most important things you can do.At this company we focus on:· Physical Fitness· Work Life Balance· Positive Recognition· Personal Growth· Supporting healthy relationships with our friends and family.
What do we do: Help qualify homeowners through their utility company, for helping the state switch to renewables such as solar. To switch to solar the person must own the home, have a 650 (in some cases 600) or above credit score, and have a power bill. You will be going back to the home for a 20-30 minute consultation, after someone or you has collected the needed utility information at the door with the homeowner. All you need to do in order to help the homeowner get set up with this program, is run a single application, fill out two pieces of paperwork, and collect two documents about the home from the homeowner. There is $0 down to switch to solar. They get a free year of solar power, $5,000-$15,000 paid to them and they just pay the power bill there already paying.
If you are good at what you do we have setters to set you appointments. Our setters are also paid the highest pay scale in the industry $3-400per kW and our leads are 100% door to door generated. No online, no call centers, door to door 48 hours fresh as hot as it gets.
Even our top lead closers still knock.· If you’re scared of door to door, don’t apply.· If you’re too good to knock, don’t apply.Some of us just knock (appointment setters). Some of us close the deals (closers). Everyone creates their own success.To keep it in perspective, the owner of the company still knocks doors.Why do we knock? Because we can.
Solar is not going to be around forever. Right now we have a limited amount of time to take advantage of what is available in solar. The government is still subsidizing this program for homeowners. Once its gone its gone. And you like the rest of us can go back to doing whatever you were doing or going to do. At least this time you should have a couple hundred thousand in the bank and hopefully that will add the next layer of comfortability to the life you are already living. We have had sushi deliver drivers and corporate executives make it here. Once again. This is not skill based. Its effort based. Its just a grind.
How Does It All Work: We have aligned here to create opportunity for the next few years knowing that when this is over we can do WHATEVER WE WANT WITH OUR LIVES. We are up before 7:30 as a company nationally. We all post around the country every morning a piece of motivational content. By 8 you will see over 50 people/groups a day around the country in the gym together posting pictures. We can guarantee there is a group that goes to the gym in your area together every morning. As we said before. These are the things that are required here. We are developing the life skills, commutation skills, consistency, and discipline that are not just needed to do this job but to reach our ultimate potential in life. We stress work life balance, family, personal growth/development, health and fitness just as much or more as working.
Why this job: Honestly. What else are you going to do to make $100,000 a year entry with no experience working 20-30 hours a week. If we showed up in your kitchen and put a bag with six figures in it cash Infront of you… what wouldn’t you do? Maybe knocking is not too bad. Maybe it’s even for you. Once again the average rep makes 6 figures. We have multiple members of this community on track to make $750,000-$1,000,000 by knocking doors.
All sales material is provided by the company. It is tried and proven through 7 states and 13 offices. The material we use was not created based on another sales book. The foundation of what we do was created through years of experience doing this job. Millions of dollars in commission. This company is positively impacting people’s lives around this country personally and financially. We would love for you to stop by and take a look in our company chat, around the office, and at our culture. You can tell us if you would like to dedicate your time here to become the best version of yourself.
Ripped. Rich. And Rare.
If you would like to learn more please send your resume in and any info you would like us to know about yourself. Thanks for reading, we hope you the best of luck in your job search and all the success in the world
Stay Hard
Job Types: Full-time, Contract
Pay: $1,500.00 – $7,500.00 per week

Employee discount
Flexible schedule
Referral program


Monday to Friday

Work Location: One location

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